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EcoPeriods™ Panties (3-Pack)
EcoPeriods™ Panties (3-Pack)
EcoPeriods™ Panties (3-Pack)
EcoPeriods™ Panties (3-Pack)

EcoPeriods™ Panties (3-Pack)

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Feel the peace of mind as you know you now have an Eco-friendly solution to your monthly period that Will Save you Money while Saving the Environment, by Reducing landfills

 Say Goodbye to Tampons & Pads


Enjoy a better life while protecting your health and the planet. Avoid the risks of cancer and toxic shock associated with the use of tampons and sanitary napkins!

 Saves you Money

This underwear has an average life span of 3 years, i.e. you will save 650 tampons equivalent to $150 (but you will also avoid buying new underwear in the event of a leak.)

 No More Leaks and Stains

Leak-Proof: The center of the underwear is made of 4 highly absorbent layers. 
Dry Feel: Keep you feeling dry, even if you had a spill.
Super Absorbent: Holds up to 2 tampons worth of fluid.
Anti-Microbial: Keep bacteria away all day long.
Eco-Friendly: 100% reusable, wash dry and repeat.

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     Our Story

    We started EcoPeriods™ to help give back what we got from our beautiful planet. We knew one thing when we got started, We are passionate about ... Read More