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Our Story

 We Have One Commitment; To Help Earth 

We knew one thing when we got started, We are passionate about mother nature, and in our modern lifestyle, we almost got disconnected from our Environment.


We started EcoPeriods™ to help give back what we got from our beautiful planet.

 Why reusable pads & panties?

Modern sanitary pads are not biodegradable at all. So, they will simply not rot and degrade. Think of the environmental consequence when billions of these used non-recyclable pads are disposed off every year. Just to give you a quick picture: one typical sanitary pad is equivalent to 4 plastic bags of average size. That’s quite a lot isn’t it? Also, in USA alone, 12 million sanitary pads and 7 million tampons are disposed annually. Now combine the whole world’s disposal. Do you get the grim picture?

 Time to give back

There are around 124 million children out of school globally, and 63 million of these are girls according to The Global Partnership for Education (GPE)
One of the main reasons for this? Their monthly period. Yep, you read that right. 52% of women are of menstruating age, but in many parts of the world, the topic of a woman’s menses remains taboo. Lack of information, inadequate access to hygiene, and a number of other socio-cultural factors mean that women and girls suffer many practical challenges when their time of the month rolls around.

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